The Bare Wench Project | Проект Bare Wench (2003)

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The Bare Wench Project | Проект Bare Wench (2003)

Год производства: 2000 г.
Страна: USA | США
Жанр: Erotic
Режиссер: Jim Wynorski
Студия: Spartan
В ролях: Nikki Fritz, Julie K. Smith, Lorissa McComas, Antonia Dorian, Michael Porter, Andy Sidaris, Lenny Juliano, Julie Strain

The makers of this film decided that somethings are not important in a film featuring four attractive women willing to be naked. Things such as charecter development, drama, or even that troublsome plot and dialogue. But that's OK this isn't some artsy fartsy like movie like those Farrelly Brothers always put out. No, this is soft core porn. An it's unapologetic about it's standing in celluoid history. There are no attempts to make a plot here. The Blair Witch Project was used as a plot vehicle to make this understood without having to explain what's going on. So the plot was replaced by a setting. Dialogue was replaced by moaning, acting was replaced by mammary glands, and atmosphere was never even considered. How can I bash this movie and still like it? I'm one of the male gender of the species, we're allowed to contradict all logic when faced with a naked woman. even if it's only on TV.

Продолжительность: 1:20:00
Язык: Английский | English

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