Школьницы Автостопом (1973)

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Школьницы Автостопом (1973)

Год производства: 1973 г.
Страна: France
Жанр: Comedy | Crime | Drama
Режиссер: Jean Rollin
Студия: Avia Films, Films A.B.C.
В ролях: Joëlle Coeur ... Monica, Gilda Arancio ... Jackie (as Gilda Stark), Marie Hélène Règne ... Béatrice, Willy Braque ... Fred, Pierre Julien ... Detective Harry
François Brincourt ... Béatrice's Associate, Reine Thirion ... Harry's Secretary (as Reine Thyrion), Jean Rollin ... Man in red turtleneck (uncredited)

Two hiking girls, apparently teenagers based on the film's title (though we never see them "hitchhike"), reach a wall in the woods. What mystery lurks on the other side? A mansion, abandoned and waiting for a client? Hmmmm...

The tone is set from the opening credit cards, which each show two women engaged in some sort of lesbian act... after a dozen or so of those pictures, you might be surprised if the picture was completely clean and family friendly. And do not worry, ten minutes in the girls are undressing each other.

Yes, this film has close-ups on nipple-licking, among other things. It is really only one step about soft-core pornography. Not long after a lesbian scene, a thief named Fred (who looks like a French Tom Savini) shows up and the girls have their way with him.

The plot does develop when the girls are accused of stealing something valuable from Fred and his associates. But by then the film is half over. And it devolves into stripping and torturing...

In the end, what is the point of this film? No idea. My guess is the director and writer conjured up a story that involved girls being naughty and tried to find two girls who would meet their demands. Successfully doing that, they filmed it. It has really no artistic merit whatsoever.

Продолжительность: 01.07.04
Язык: Английский

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