Робот Рабы Любви \ Слишком много Любви (1971)

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Робот Рабы Любви  Слишком много Любви (1971)

Год производства: 1971 г.
Страна: USA
Жанр: Romance | Sci-Fi
Студия: Something Weird Video (SWV)
В ролях: Sandy Carey, Sandy Dempsey, Billy Lane

Sci-fi fans love to make lists of films from reference books and articles and tick off each one as they see it. For the true completist I recommend this tawdry porn film.

The equipment used by a scraggly looking scientist Clark (actor still unidentified 40 years later in IMDb) to animate his fembots is so chintzy it will bowl over most sci-fi fans. This is porn, where budgets make even cheap sci-fi movies look lavish in comparison.

The storyline is a bit scrambled, due to the need to recycle some unrelated porn loops as a very cheap way to pad out the running time. (Even so, the Something Weird softy DVD-R issue only lasts 54 minutes.) Clark's wife Marge (a chubby, also unidentified porn performer) is faking paralysis, as she plots with a sleazy lawyer friend to get hubby committed to an asylum and steal his $5,000,000 inheritance. Clark sort of outwits them in an intended to be ironic conclusion.

The robots, whose abundant pubic hair is a tipoff that they weren't created from scratch but are rather reanimated women (I guess), are attractive and fun to watch. Voice-over narration pretends that the women in a couple of sexy vignettes are "improved" model robots. It's not believable for a moment, as Robot #3 is the great Sandy Dempsey, butterfly tattoo and all, sent out on a "blind date" to test a guy who brags about his "longevity" (the filmmakers meant stamina, but so be it). This sequence looks like it's out of another movie (Sandy is wearing a very unrobotic-looking pair of black stockings), and it is.

To top this, Robot #4 is beautiful Sandy Carey, even more improved by Clark in what he calls "full response mode", and she's styled as a maid named Yvette sent to service Candy Samples. They seem like pals, so the just-delivered-robot premise of the narration is clearly bogus. Resulting lesbian scene is well-done, with Adam Ward as Candy's husband showing up on cue for a threesome. This trio was far, far better in THE ELEVATOR, a classic by comparison. And THE ELEVATOR is hardcore, while ROBOT SEX SLAVES is strictly softcore (at least in the surviving version).

I won't bore you with more details, other than to note Clark equipping his robots with poisoned teeth, a very odd touch, and the finale robot pretty much contradicting what's gone before, just so a twist ending can be provided. It's a crappy film, but at least packed with interesting gaffes.

Продолжительность: 00.53.57
Язык: Английский

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